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CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKES SCHOOL in Greece and Cyprus created by the love and enthusiasm for the School and what it offers to all motorcyclists. Our English seminarist, the certified translator and our continuous training of our team, ensure an excellent service to our students under the umbrella of continuous pursue of Discovering the Art of Cornering. We are here to coach you through the difficulties and uncertainties you face every time you ride and we are certain that you will improve.

Our branch has internationally recognized 5 Greeks coaches and our Course Control. Today we successfully staff schools in the USA, England, India, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Turkey, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain and the UAE.

Spyros Koutras
Spyros KoutrasSchool Director - Chief Riding Coach, Greece/Cyprus
What I love about the School? The visible difference in every student’s riding at the end of the day. The continuous development on riding techniques and coaching procedures that never seizes to amaze me. The fact that I am part of a wonderful and unique global Team and we do have the chance to ride in famous race tracks worldwide. The challenges that lie in between the lines of the difficult “job” that MotoGP rider is facing every weekend. Finally, the School can change someone’s life as it has change mine.
Marigo Lainopoulou, aka“Fräulein”
Marigo Lainopoulou, aka“Fräulein”Office & P.R. Manager - Course Control
My strong interest for motorsports is a given fact. It’s a great pleasure and honor to be part of this unique and wonderful global Team. And the teamwork among its members is the essence of its success together with the willingness to coach everyone to become safer riders. I personally enjoy the most my whole involvement with the School which starts several days before the event. There is no such feeling to see this Team delivering their best selves throughout the School day. And this gets ever better at the end of the day when everyone has a happy and confident smile. So what you are waiting for?? Join Us to Discover the Art of Cornering.
Gary Adshead
Gary AdsheadSeminarist - Chief Riding Coach, Europe
I like working with the Greek Team as they have a great work ethic and they are determined to ensure that every student who attends the school gets the best possible improvement in their riding skills on the day, irrespective of their experience or skill level. Both Serres and Megara are great circuits as the rider gets little rest between corners and therefore gets a high level of repetition and practice at improving their cornering skills through the day. The Greek students are amongst the best I have worked with, they are very friendly and interested in the riding tech. They have a high level of enthusiasm and for me, Greece feels very much like my second home and extended family.
Nikos Tsoumanis
Nikos TsoumanisRiding Coach
The fact that you are an eye witness and a big part of the improvement of the driving skills for a rider, is a reason by its self to want to become a coach of CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL. To know that you make him/her safer and his/her smile at the end of the day, gives you the satisfaction to continue coaching for as long as you can. Beyond all these, there are also some “not so important” reasons for which I like this “job”. Some of those are: driving super sport bikes and getting paid for, to drive on international circuits (where everybody dreams about driving there), to watch your students getting better and better and a lot more…But of course there is also the dark side of the moon. To be in your leathers all day with 44 degrees, (Serres, June ’10), waking up at 5 am on a Sunday morning (yes, at 5 am!) to drive to Megara Circuit, to deal with the students that “know everything”, and that you have to work your ass through studying and exams the whole time so that you can pass the training program for the coaches and meet the very high standards of the School!!!!
Savvas Giannitsiotis, aka “Rabbit”
Savvas Giannitsiotis, aka “Rabbit”Riding Coach
We all love to ride motorcycles. This love can fool you in a way that you think that you “know everything about it”. And here is where CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL steps in. The School will teach you in unique way that “everything” is not as you “know it” and show you a proper way to ride your motorcycle. A way that brings you closer to your ride and at the same time is also safer. What makes me proud to be part of this Team, is that I can convey this knowledge, make it real to all of our students! And all this within one day!! On a personal level, what really enjoy in our School, is that I will be always a student myself.
Constantinos Liofagos, aka “Lio”
Constantinos Liofagos, aka “Lio”Riding Coach
Coming as a student at the CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL radically changed the way I ride my motorcycle and my life on it! Now my role as a Coach is to help as much and the best I can others riders to improve their skills and to ride safer and more confident their bikes.
If you have not lived a day with our School you cannot understand how it is to enter as a student in the morning, anxious about what you will face at School and at the end of the day, despite the tiredness to leave with a huge smile, more relaxed with your bike and of course more safe and with more knowledgeable.
To have you the opportunity to join this Team is itself a wonderful dream! And I am one of the lucky ones who have the opportunity to live it!
Zisis Tachtsidis aka “Ziziz”
Zisis Tachtsidis aka “Ziziz”Riding Coach
My love for motorcycle riding brought me to CSS as a student. I witnessed first-hand the effects of a full training day on my riding and in the end it was easily my best ever ride. When the opportunity appeared to become a coach I grabbed it, no questions asked.
Now as a coach the high point of a day is when I see students feeling the same way as I did back then. And usually you don’t have to wait till the student removes his helmet. Most of the times his riding in the track tells the whole story.
Why I do it? Obviously because I enjoy riding different bikes and tracks. But more importantly because it’s a win-win situation for everyone. The amount of knowledge you gain by interacting with your students as well as by riding along coaches with thousands of miles under their belt is priceless. Hopefully you can give everything back to your students.
Haris Pournaras, aka “Pambos”
Haris Pournaras, aka “Pambos”Assistant Course Control
Looking for the best, in terms of safety, for me and my motorcycle, I choose to attend CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL specially after all the excellent comments I have heard. So I signed up and now I am part of Team. For me, attending the School is the BEST present that a rider can offer to himself/herself. At the end of each school day, all of our students have the confidence and knowledge to ride their motorcycles safer. The entire Team look after every detail to ensure that each student leaves assured that he/she got the best present! So the only thing you have to do is to sign up for our next event.
Anastasia Amanatidi
Anastasia AmanatidiWrangler
It is crucial and important to do things for you. Attending CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL is one act that you are going to be forever grateful. The whole Team is composed by unique individuals that enjoy working together, enjoy transferring their knowledge with energy and understanding. And this passion for coaching is translated visually with all the happy graduates the School delivers all over the world at the end of the day.
Despoina aka “Ursula”
Despoina aka “Ursula”Official Translator
Everything about the school I really like as we are one big family. We are a family, with a global reach, which can coach you comprehensively how to ride your bike. One day with our school is a unique interactive experience with equally contribution, from all the team and all the students who are willing to listen and learn. The goal is for you to become better and safer rider. And this interactive education process offers something unique as it improves the student and the coach as well. Eventually, all of us become better, without exception.
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