The levels

All four Levels of CALIFORNIA SUPERBIKE SCHOOL are designed to build your understanding and enhance your riding confidence. This step by step approach will make sense to you. Each skill builds upon the last and creates a complete package of control and confidence.

The School’s Levels are done in order, One through Four. The sequential nature of the presented information requires all students to begin at Level One regardless of experience or ability.

Each level can be completed in one day.

Each of the first three Levels presents five precise technical riding skills, bringing together an entire area of riding. Level Four becomes your tailored program that you and your coaches built together.

We are dedicated to your improvement; we are professionals; we will ensure you learn the skills. Take a look at what we do, then check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.

Level One addresses the six most common errors riders, from novice to world-class racers, make and why.

It is no secret that Keith was the first to tackle the problems of vision and riding and he’s developed the drills to handle them.

Level Three addresses five more proactive technical points on riding. We thoroughly cover how you interface with the bike, your body position choices and how these can affect the cornering process.

Level Four takes a completely different turn. We ask you what needs to be improved.

Private Coaching

This is as intense as it can get. One-to-one with a coach like the MotoGP riders are trained. Our School Director is responsible for your Private Coaching and your improvement is certain. Private coaching can be done in several different ways depending on your level of riding and the goals you seek. Please contact us for cost and availability.

It helps the effectiveness and efficiency of the private coaching if you have attended at least Levels I and II first.

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Ride Days

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